ATRESMEDIA organised the most important debate of the general election campaign held on 23 July. The only television programme in which the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, faced each other face to face, and also the only debate attended by the leader of the PP. ATRESMEDIA proposed a minimalist staging inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model, based on the recommendations of the British Parliament for this type of electoral spaces. Expectations were high given that it was the only opportunity for a debate between the two main candidates and that it could only be followed on the ATRESMEDIA group’s radio stations.

VIRTUALIA developed a specific timing system for the “Face to Face”, based on the refereeing consoles, as the people in charge of controlling the speaking times were professional ACB referees. The system had a hot backup system that allowed each of the interventions to be recorded. The system also stored the start and end times of the candidates’ speeches.

VIRTUALIA also provided this service for CASTILLA-LA MANCHA MEDIA in the debate held by the regional channel for the regional and municipal elections in May

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