The general elections were called the day after the results of the regional and municipal elections were known. A little less than two months for another election night. As in the May elections, VIRTUALIA was commissioned by CASTILLA-LA MANCHA MEDIA and CANAL SUR TELEVISIÓN to once again manage and represent the electoral graphics in its special “Elections 23J” programme.

It was also commissioned by ATRESMEDIA to time the “Cara a Cara” between the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez and the leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

For election night, CANAL SUR TELEVISÓN designed part of its set with augmented reality elements. The set had two sets, one for the presenters and talk show hosts, and another to show the data panels. We created a virtual ceiling formed by a slatted structure that hid the lighting grid, and a circular, animated element with the programme’s logo was placed on the table of the presenters, which enriched the movements of the crane, allowing for shots that would be impossible on a real set. As a complement to the information displayed on the set screens, the results of the four main parties and the composition of the Parliament were also integrated into AR in a 3D model.

VIRTUALIA’s graphics system for elections allows the simultaneous and independent management of content in different formats and resolutions for the screens on the set and the signals for the production, whether they are full signals, banners and/or tickers.

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