Today’s television programs are becoming increasingly complex. The spectacularity of their staging involves sophisticated visual and mechanical systems perfectly integrated with the content of the program. Dynamic sets made up of LED screens, virtual elements that help to understand the news, trap doors through which the contestants disappear, touch screens to interact with the content and a long list of possibilities available to the creatives who seek to attract the attention of viewers, and of course their loyalty.

At Virtualia we are aware of this reality and we develop solutions that integrate audiovisual technology with commercial equipment, such as video and audio mixers, lighting desks, video players, DMX and MIDI equipment, etc. But most of the time creativity needs customized solutions and at Virtualia we are ready to take on the challenge. A team of engineers and developers create custom solutions that include electronic circuit design, sensor systems or mechanical system controls, all so that the mechanics of the program flow easily and without conditioning by the technology used.

All our solutions seek maximum efficiency, without losing an iota of flexibility and, above all, the commitment to simplify production processes to the maximum because our solutions reduce preparation and post-production times to give maximum coverage to creativity. MENTAL SAMURAI is a clear example of this type of program where spectacularity scores.