Audience interaction in real time is an option that is gaining ground in new television formats. Programs such as “THE VOICE”, “MASK SINGER”, or “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE” are programs where the audience participates live in the evolution of the contest/program, choosing their favorite contestant or deciding the correct answer.

Virtualia has the technology and experience to control the audience’s decisions with total guarantee. Our control tools allow the management team, judges and notaries to follow the audience’s decisions and their evolution in real time.

A clear example is LA VOZ, where the more than 1,000 people who attend the galas decide who is the voice of the season. There are also formats where the mechanics require participants to interact with a push-button system, where the fastest to click is the first to respond. Contests such as PASAPLABRA, ESTO NO ES NORMAL, DIVIDIDOS, EL LINGO, EL MOLINO or VEO CÓMO CANTAS, use this technology to organize the mechanics of the contest.

Titular-Audience interaction