At Virtualia we have developed SMART CG, a multi-layer solution that allows you to quickly and intuitively manage all the signage of a program. It controls the different graphic elements to configure multiple levels with simultaneous information. Adaptable to any graphic line, the texts are self-adjusting regardless of their length. It can handle signs, crawls, subtitles, logos, bait, video content, hashtags, dates, clocks, chronos, flies, social network content, in short, any element that can display information.

SMART CG has a multi-channel PLAYOUT option that allows handling video content or still images and combining them with content from external video players and live video inputs. The system allows live content to be updated while maintaining a stable workflow. SMART CG is scalable and allows work to be distributed among multiple workstations.

SMART CG has allowed us to easily manage the contents of programs such as: 120 MINUTOS, VERDE BLANCA VERDE, DESAPARECIDOS, BUENOS DÍAS BUENAS TARDES or EN BOCA DE TODOS.