Andalusians were called to elect their regional representatives on 19 June. Canal Sur broadcast a special programme covering the election day and the subsequent vote count. Canal Sur has once again counted on the participation of VIRTUALIA, with whom it already counted on for its special programming of the Madrid Regional Elections. VIRTUALIA developed a graphic system to manage the official information and generate the graphic content that fed the large-format LED screen, which made up the staging of the data area of the set. The system was complemented with content on side information strips and banners. In total, the graphic system had four video signals with independent and simultaneous content.
At the same time, VIRTUALIA also provided graphic coverage for the programme on the Andalusian regional elections for CMM during the night of 19 June. VIRTUALIA has been collaborating with CMM since 2011 in the graphic coverage of special programming on election nights, whether general, regional, municipal or European.

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